Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gaining traffic to my blog

For threads related to these,
  • My blog won't appear in the search engine. How do I make it?
  • How to increase followers to my blog?
  • How to gain traffic/readers to my blog?
If you're looking to gain traffic towards your blog, please do post quality and valid content and keep sharing them among related people via social networks like twitter/facebook/google+.
  1. Blogger Content policy.
  2. Blogger Terms & Conditions.
properly in-order to avoid locking/suspension of blogs.

You might further read this article by one of our top contributor for better knowing and understanding towards it -> [FAQ] How Do I Get Traffic And Followers To My Blog ?

URL not accepted - Blog address guidelines

If a URL is not accepted, there are the following possibilities,
  1. The address is taken already by someother blog owner. (Unfortunately there is nothing we could do about it)
  2. The address you entered is invalid.
If it is Case 2, we can do something about it.

Blog Address aka URL Guidelines

1. URL must be of limited and precise characters.
It's recommend that, a URL must be short and precise. Lengthy URLs would not make the followers of your blog happy as they will have to remember it.

2. URL must not have special characters other than hiphen (-)
A URL must not have any special character like "" or "" or "something*"
Whereas a URL can contain a hyphen -> "" or ""

3. Descriptive URLs
Instead of having a URL as "", you can have the URL having a small hint about what the blog is.

Regaining access to blog associated with deleted Email account

If you created a blog with an old unknown email account and you forgot it/deleted it, there is no way we could gain access to your blog back. Unfortunately blogger support does not help in solving ownership issues and your case comes under that a part. We regret.

However you shall try using ->

Thank you.

Retrieving deleted/cleared DRAFT Blog Post

If you have deleted/cleared a blog post that was never published and was in draft mode, we regret. Unfortunately, there is no way we could retrieve it.

Blog Locked for SPAM

Blogger is a service offered on the web and it has its own content freedoms and restrictions which you'd know when you read the
  1. Blogger Content policy.
  2. Blogger Terms & Conditions.
If your blog hasn't violated any of those mentioned in the above links, you can feel free to claim your blog back by clicking on the Appeal button that appears in your dashboard @

Blogger team will review your blog and restore it.